Paul Dickman is Breakwater's Founder and Director. He is a visionary, with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience as a CEO, CFO, board member, and has worked in the private and public sectors with great success.  He has a wide range of key relationships to meet our clients needs.

Charity is currently developing the Social Media division of Breakwater Finance. In the world we live in, social media is growing in reach and importance, and Breakwater is committed to being cutting edge in all aspects of our business.

What We DO

Public Companies CFO

Start Up Companies CFO

Board Governance

Independent Due Diligenc

Strategic Planning

SEC Financial Reporting


Bekah Senn

Bekah is Breakwater Finance's Client Relations and Communications Specialist.  She oversees many aspects of the day to day operations of the company, and is committed to helping our clients better articulate and communicate their business goals.

Paul Dickman